Booking and Jail Release in Travis County

A person who has been arrested is taken to Central Booking, located in downtown Austin at the Travis County Jail at 500 W. 10th Street, for the booking process. During this process, Travis County Sheriff’s Deputies document the arrestee’s name, obtain their fingerprints, get their “mug shot,” and collect other information required under law and county procedure. The arrestee will not have access to their cell phone because the Sheriff will also inventory, collect and store all their personal property.



An officer from the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office will interview each inmate to determine whether they qualify for a personal bond. A personal bond is, in most cases, the most desirable type of bond an inmate can receive because they aren't required to deposit any money with Travis County. However, like both cash and surety bonds, a defendant is still liable for the full bond amount if the personal bond is revoked or forfeited.

Only Pre-Trial Services or your attorney can recommend a personal bond to a judge. Pre-Trial Services' criteria is quite strict and may include several conditions as a requisite for a personal bond. Often, Pre-Trial Services will not recommend a personal bond unless the inmate is represented by an attorney.

Importantly, even if Pre-Trial Services recommends against personal bond, an attorney can still present a personal bond to the Magistrate for consideration of release.

Attorneys who either work towards or obtain a personal bond on behalf of an inmate will typically charge a non-refundable fee for this service. Most attorneys, however, will apply that fee towards any fees associated with their representation of the inmate in the event an attorney-client relationship is established for that purpose.


When a bail bondsman is involved, it is called a surety bond. A surety bond means you pay the bail bondsman a percentage of the bond, usually 10 to 20 percent, and he or she submits the full bond amount. For example, if the Magistrate sets a $10,000 bond, a bail bondsman may charge between $1,000 and $2,000. The amount you pay the bondsman is a fee, meaning you do not get it back, and it is not applied to any attorney fees.

Usually, a bail bondsman will require a co-signer, who will be liable for the full amount of the bond if bail is revoked or forfeited. The co-signer may also be required to offer collateral, which might be for more than the amount of the bond.


A cash bond means simply paying the full amount of the bond with either cash, cashier's check or a money order. Travis County does not accept credit cards, personal checks or other forms of payment.

Cash bonds are often the most expensive option. Bonds can range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Travis County will keep the bond until the case is resolved, which may be months or even years.


One of the most significant factors affecting how quickly the person you care about is released will be how quickly he or she appears before a magistrate judge. Arrestees are "magistrated" by the judges in groups, and it can take many hours to comprise a group large enough for the judge to hold court. Thus, simply waiting for his or her turn could take hours and hours, or even a day or two.

Experienced attorneys, though, know the courts and ways to help push the person you care about to the front of the line, and sometimes to skip the line altogether. This is important to you if you are anxiously waiting to find out if someone you care about it okay and safe. Every minute can feel like an hour, and every hour like a day.

A lawyer can also interview the client to learn crucial details, start correctly completing the bond paperwork and complete the necessary background checks. This could make a tremendous difference in the total time before your loved one is out of jail.

Having an attorney can also help your loved one's case in obtaining a personal bond. Being allowed a personal bond could make the difference of thousands of dollars.


If arrested in Travis County, arrestees will likely be taken to the Travis County Jail in downtown Austin:

Travis County Jail / Central Booking
500 W. 10th Street
Austin, TX 78701

If an inmate has not been released from jail after approximately 48 hours of their arrest, they will usually then be transferred to the Travis County Correctional Facility in Del Valle:

Travis County Correctional Facility
3614 Bill Price Road
Del Valle, TX 78617


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