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Court proceedings in Travis County halted in response to coronavirus

Fox 7 Austin reports:

The Travis County Justices of the Peace have temporarily halted all scheduled court proceedings in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
The order states that all scheduled court proceedings, excepting "essential court proceedings," set before April 1 will be reset to another date. Each court will contact litigants to let them know of the new date as soon as possible. Essential court proceedings noted in the order are writs of re-entry, writs of retrieval, writs of restoration, magistration of defendants in custody and of fugitives from justice, issuing burial transit permits, issuing birth certificates, and repair and remedy case that affect physical health and safety of a tenant.
For traffic or Class C citations with an appearance date before April 1, the appearance date will be extended and the court will notify defendants of a new appearance date. Defendants can check the court's website weekly for updates on appearance dates. This applies to cite-and-release charges and summons for charges other than class C misdemeanors. No warrants for failing to appear for these citations, cite-and-release charges or summons will be issued for 60 days.
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