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Ex-death row inmate in Houston declared innocent by special prosecutor

Matthew Prendergast

Posted: Mar 01, 2019 / 01:57 PM CST

Updated: Mar 01, 2019 / 01:57 PM CST

HOUSTON (KXAN) — A former death row inmate who had his capital murder charge dismissed and was released from prison in 2015 has officially been declared innocent by the Harris County District Attorney's office, KPRC in Houston reports.

Alfred Dewayne Brown was convicted back in 2005 of capital murder for shooting and killing Houston police officer Charles Clark and store clerk Alfredia Jones.

Brown was released from prison in 2015 when the highest criminal court in Texas ruled that prosecutors violated his human rights when they failed to show phone records supporting his alibi. (emphasis added).

A special prosecutor appointed by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg was investigating the case and tasked with determining if Brown should be re-indicted, declared legally innocent or if the status should remain unchanged.

Special prosecutor John Raley said he and his team reviewed the case for 1000 hours. He said after several interviews and reviewing multiple trials and appeals, he believes Brown is innocent.

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