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Legislative Update: bail reform

Sep 2, 2021 10:54 AM

"SB 6, the current version of the bail reform bill, passed the legislature and is headed to the Governor's desk. TCDLA opposed SB 6 for a number of reasons, but specifically because it disallows personal bonds for a broad list of offenses, and it substitutes the judgment of the legislature for that of the local magistrate in regard to setting bail. We anticipate court challenges will be forthcoming relative to SB 6. SJR 3, the constitutional amendment to allow for the denial of bail, did not pass. During the regular session, this constitutional amendment did receive enough votes to pass, but this time around it fell short of the required votes. This measure will not be on the ballot in November. However, with this being a former emergency and special session item, it is always possible we could see this again."

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